Pinning The Long Term Guppy

I like to see a currency/indices pin the long term ‘Guppy’ moving averages before making its rangeltguppy

The Guppy is named after the Australian Trader Daryl Guppy who invented it. Trade in the direction of the long term Guppy, especially when it is expanding (not contracting).


Also plot a fibonacci using your platform Fib tool and the downside targets of 127.2 and 141.4 come into view. This happens, time and time again.

These target levels which are square roots of Fib levels are often more realistic than the 161.8 extension which a lot of retail shoot for …although the EURUSD achieved this today but you can clearly see the pullback into a small 5 minute liquidity level at 127.2 and 141.4