1M Demand Zones Forming on USDJPY

1 minute demand zones forming on USDJPY just below, previous session high and then the previous weeks high.


USDJPY has moved a long way today, but seems to be already ‘balancing’ higher (accepting higher prices). The NASDAQ and SPX500 are also doing well. There is good correlation between the SPX and the USDJPY.

UPDATE: 16.34


Its possible it could pop the 161.8 extension of the previous trading days range. Current ADR (Average Daily Range) is 67%. So there is a little ‘room to roam.’

EURAUD Levels 24 Feb

Just some levels I’ve been looking at on the EURAUD chart. Really have to go down to the small time frame charts to see them:


One area has just been broken through though, as price broke through the previous session low, then went for my ‘trademark’ 127.2 and 141.4 extentions for targets 🙂

Not been looking at EURAUD for a while, though its one of the best movers and quite a transparent pair to trade, though the spread can be quite how with many brokers (IG etc)